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There are 7,200 SFA farmer members throughout Haiti. Together they operate 3,600 farms of 5 acres or less, with husband and wife recognized as separate members when they farm together. The SFA operates through 33 tree nurseries that are clustered around 10 branch locations. There are several nurseries in each branch because every farmer member has to be within walking distance of a nursery. Smallholders operate these nurseries to grow trees which they transplant as orchards, living fences, slope stabilization and reforestation projects. Tree planting and maintenance earns the farmers credits, or “tree currency,” which they exchange for high quality crop seeds, tools, basic agricultural training and a range of other agricultural and community services. These earned inputs help farmers to increase yields by an average of 40% and household incomes go up by 50 to 100% depending on the area.

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Tree Currency

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Farmers grow, transplant and look after trees to earn credits they exchange for a range of agricultural services. The result is crop yields going up an average of 40% and household income by 50 to 100%, depending on location. Tree currency also gives access to the regenerative cotton program and microcredit loans in select locations. 

Tree Nurseries

There are 33 tree nurseries spread throughout the SFA’s 10 locations. All nurseries are operated by farmers using organic principles, and all are run without electricity or running water.

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We are grateful for the support of:

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Additional support provided by the Haiti Development Institute, Schwab Charitable, Venus Bestow and many individual donors.

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